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Opportunistic Routing Algorithm Combining Intra-session Coding and Inter-session Coding in Wireless Network

HAN Li and QIAN Huan-yan   

  • Online:2018-05-15 Published:2018-07-25

Abstract: This paper proposed a maximum weight scheduling framework in wireless mesh network.In the framework,the virtual queues of coding packets (named “credit queue”) are updated according to a credit assignment algorithm.A node chooses the way of encoding according to its credit queues to achieve network utility maximization and fair resource allocation between flows.A heuristic algorithm MiiCode was given.In this algorithm,no deterministic routing is needed,which makes it more flexible and helpful for finding more chances for inter-session coding.Intra-session’s capacity of local reparation decreases the number of packets retransmitted from source nodes,and the total cost of the network is decreased.This paper compared MiiCode with COPE and LOR based on routing in simulation results of OMNET++.

Key words: Intra-session network coding,Inter-session network coding,Network utility maximization,Opportunistic routing,Wireless Mesh network,Maximum weight scheduling

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