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Study on Application of Network Coding and Multipath Transmission in Internet Live Video Broadcasting

ZHANG Jin-hui1, DENG Qian2, LI Zhen-yu2   

  1. ( Nanjing Research Institute.Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.,Nanjing 210012,China)1
    (Institute of Computing Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China)2
  • Received:2018-10-07 Online:2019-08-15 Published:2019-08-15

Abstract: Internet live video users can upload videos in real time,and other users can watch online in real time.This mode makes it impossible to push video to CDN node in advance based on popularity,and requires that the delay from video generates to viewers be as low as possible.The performance of video uploading has the greatest impact on the viewing experience of Internet live video.The pause of the upload stream often causes no data to be sent in the download stream,accounting for 87.6% of the video freeze.In response to the above questions,the paper proposed a method of combining network coding and multi-path transmission into Internet live video uploading.Firstly,the real-time generated video data are redundantly coded through network coding to enhance anti-dropping packets.Secondly,the speed of each link of the uploading terminal to the CDN is measured,and the performance of each link is evaluated by the utility function.Finally,the encoded data are allocated to the links for transmission according to the utility values of different links.Theoretical analysis and experiments show that the transmission rate is 7.6 times that of TCP under the network condition of 2% packet loss rate and 50ms delay compared with the TCP transmission method currently widely used.The results show that the combination of network coding and multi-path transmission into Internet live video uploading can significantly improve the upload rate,quickly sense the changes of the network,and enhance the adaptability to the changing network environment

Key words: Internet, Live video, Multipath transmission, Network coding, Streaming

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  • TP393.02
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