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Big Data Valuation Algorithm

ZHAO Hui-qun1, WU Kai-feng2   

  1. 1 College of Computer Science and Technology,North China University of Technology,Beijing 100144,China
    2 Beijing Key Laboratory of Large-scale Stream Data Integration and Analysis Technology,North China University of Technology,Beijing 100144,China
  • Received:2019-10-24 Published:2020-09-10
  • About author:ZHAO Hui-qun,born in 1960,Ph.D,professor.His main research interests include software architecture,big data generation,internet of things,cloud computing,and sports computing.
    WU Kai-feng,born in 1994,master.His main research interests include big data pricing,big data asset management,and big data services.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (61672041).

Abstract: With the rapid development of information technology,the generation of data has shown an exponential growth trend.Big data has become one of the most frequently used words due to the rapid emergence of big data and its great value.It is not only an academic vocabulary,but has gradually become a commodity name.Whether from academic research or data trading needs,how to evaluate the availability of big data sets is a new issue.A big data usability evaluation model is proposed to provide refe-rence for academic and circulation fields in this paper.Combined with the 4V(Volume,Variety,Velocity,Value) characteristics of big data,the 4V characteristic distribution of the statistical data is segmented,which gives the probability model of big data based on the piecewise distribution and the availability of large data sets and weighted evaluation model.An algorithm for realizing big data block sampling and an estimation algorithm for weighting coefficients of each characteristic in the big data set evaluation model are proposed.Combined with the data availability evaluation requirements in video big data analysis,the specific applications of the proposed models and algorithms are demonstrated.The big data usability evaluation model can be used for data evalua-tion of data science experiments,and can also be used for data set pricing in big data transaction markets.In the actual evaluation work,how to standardize(commercialized) data sets,and how to determine the specific operational aspects of the video field eva-luation benchmarks are given.The application case supports the proposed model and further tests the feasibility of the model.

Key words: Big data availability evaluation, Probability model, Big data blocking algorithm, Video big data

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