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Survey of Hybrid Cloud Workflow Scheduling

LIU Peng1, LIU Bo1, ZHOU Na-qin2, PENG Xin-yi3, LIN Wei-wei4   

  1. 1 School of Computer Science,South China Normal University,Guangzhou 510631,China
    2 Institute of Advanced Technology in Cyberspace,Guangzhou University,Guangzhou 510006,China
    3 School of Mathematical Sciences,South China Normal University,Guangzhou 510631,China
    4 School of Computer Science and Engineering,South China University of Technology,Guangzhou 510640,China
  • Received:2021-03-31 Revised:2021-06-06 Online:2022-05-15 Published:2022-05-06
  • About author:LIU Peng,born in 1997,postgraduate.His main research interests include cloud computing and resource scheduling.
    ZHOU Na-qin,born in 1982,Ph.D,lecturer,is a member of China Computer Federation.Her main research interests include distributed computing and resource management scheduling.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(62002078,62072187,61872084),Guangdong Major Project of Basic and Applied Basic Research(2019B030302002) and Guangzhou Science and Technology Plan Project(202007040002,201902010040).

Abstract: In the context of data explosion,traditional cloud computing is faced with the dilemma of insufficient local cloud resources and high expansion cost.However,the newly emerging hybrid cloud combining resource-rich public cloud and data-sensitive private cloud has become a research hotspot and application direction at present.As an attractive paradigm,workflow has been increasing in data scale and computing scale.Therefore,workflow scheduling is a key issue in the direction of hybrid cloud research.For this reason,this paper first makes an in-depth investigation and analysis of workflow scheduling technology in hybrid cloud environment,and then classifies and compares workflow scheduling in hybrid cloud environment:for deadline,for cost,for energy-efficient and for multi-objective constraints.On this basis,the future research directions of workflow scheduling in hybrid cloud environment are analyzed and summarized:workflow scheduling based on Serverless platform,workflow scheduling based on edge server network collaboration,cloud native workflow scheduling based on Argo integration,and workflow scheduling based on fog computing fusion.

Key words: Hybrid cloud, Workflow, Scheduling of resources

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