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Reversible Hidden Algorithm for Remote Sensing Images Based on Hachimoji DNA and QR Decomposition

WANG Kun-shu, ZHANG Ze-hui, GAO Tie-gang   

  1. College of Software,Nankai University,Tianjin 300350,China
  • Received:2021-07-22 Revised:2022-05-06 Published:2022-08-02
  • About author:WANG Kun-shu,born in 1994,Ph.D.Her main research interests include image encryption,digital watermarking,compressed sensing and machine lear-ning privacy protection.
    GAO Tie-gang,born in 1966,Ph.D,professor,senior engineer,Ph.D supervisor.His main research interests include federated learning information hiding and cloud data security.
  • Supported by:
    National Science and Technology Major Projects(2018YFB0204304),2021 Tianjin Graduate Scientific Research Innovation Project(2021YJSB012) and Key Project of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation(#21JCZDJC00130).

Abstract: In recent years,with the rapid development of cloud computing and artificial intelligence,digital images are more and more widely used in multimedia,medical and military fields.Among them,remote sensing technology can detect and process remote targets through the theory of electromagnetic wave,which makes the transmission security of remote sensing images increasingly significant.In order to solve the problems of digital image information security and privacy protection,this paper proposes a reversible remote sensing image hiding algorithm based on novel Hachimoji deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and QR decomposition.Firstly,the system parameters and initial values of the coupled map lattice(CML) are updated by using the information entropy of remote sensing image and host image,and the generated chaotic sequences are used as the one-time key stream of the encryption process,which increases resistance to known/selected plain-text attacks.Then,Hachimoji DNA technology is used to encode the remote sensing image with 8-bit base,and key streams are used to perform XOR operation and cyclic shift operation on the image matrix.Finally,the host image is decomposed into blocks,and the encrypted remote sensing image is embedded into the host block in the form of DNA bases.In particular,the host image still visually meaningful after embedding remote sensing information,and the embedded image information can also be extracted from it without loss.Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has good embedding effect,high security and strong robustness.

Key words: Coupled mapping lattice, Cyclic shift, Hachimoji deoxyribonucleic acid, QR decomposition, Remote sensing images, Watermarks

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  • TP309
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