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Hybrid Optimal Data Replica Placement Scheme Based on Mosquitoes Oviposition Mating and Simulated Annealing

ZHANG Bang, WANG Xing-wei and HUANG Min   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: The multiple data replica scheme should be adopted in cloud storage system in order to improve system scala-bility and reliability and improve user access capability at the same time.Selecting proper location for each replica and realizing the optimal allocation of user access requests to data replica should be solved.In this paper,a hybrid optimal multiple data replica placement scheme based on MOX (Mosquitoes Oviposition Mating) and SA(Simulated Annealing) was proposed.With minimizing the total cost as its optimization objective,it uses the ideas of MOX to determine the candidate data replica placement solutions and then uses SA to refine the candidates further to get the optimal solution.We simulated implementation and performance evaluation on the proposed scheme based on CloudSim and then carried out comparative analysis with certain existing scheme.Simulation results show that the proposed scheme is feasible and efficient with better performance.

Key words: MOX,SA,Hybrid optimization,Replica placement

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