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Pervasive Computing Environment Oriented Service Orchestration Framework for Android

GU Jing-xiao, PENG Xin and ZHAO Wen-yun   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Mobile devices and smart phones are the main carriers of service aggregation and orchestration in pervasive computing environment.Services in pervasive computing environment have diverse forms,including remote Web services,local services within devices (such as local app and sensors inside) and context-aware services provided by the surrounding environment (such as environmental sensors).In addition,changing contexts raise new demands for the adaptive ability of software itself,but service orchestration on mobile devices is limited by computing power and resources.In order to solve the above problems,this paper addressed a pervasive computing environment oriented service orchestration framework on Android platform based on SOA,named ASOF.With the help of ASOF,mobile devices are able to obtain service templates of required business processes and bind services for abstract services in the templates.In this way,the devices can perform lightweight mixed service orchestration and dynamically gain the ability to invoke all types of services in pervasive computing environment.After that,a standard implementation of ASOF based on OSGi Felix framework was given and validated by a concrete case.

Key words: Pervasive Computing,SOA,Android,Service orchestration

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