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Method Combining Linear Temporal Logic and Fault Tree for Software Safety Verification

WANG Fei, SHEN Guo-hua, HUANG Zhi-qiu, MA Lin, LIU Chang, LI Hai-feng and LIAO Li-li   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Embedded software is playing an important role in safety critical field.How to ensure the safety of safety-critical software has recently become a research focus.The fault tree technique is a safety analysis method which is commonly used in traditional industry.However,FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) itself lacks formal temporal semantics.To solve the problem,this paper proposed a method to verify the safety of embedded software combining linear temporal logic and FTA.Applying linear temporal logic to formal specification of the fault tree,it extracts the software safety properties from the formal fault tree and describes them with the temporal logic.Expert can use the extracted safety properties to do model checking of the safety-critical software,to analyze and verify its reliability and safety.The paper applied the model checking to a module of a safety-critical airborne software to demonstrate the method in detail.

Key words: Fault tree analysis,Model checking,Linear temporal logic,Safety-critical system,Safety property

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