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QoS-aware Resource Block Allocation and MCS Selection for LTE-A Femtocell Downlink

LI Long-fei, CHEN Xin and XIANG Xu-dong   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: We addressed the problem of joint resource block(RB) allocation and modulation-and-coding scheme(MCS) selection for long term evolution-advanced(LTE-A) femtocell downlink.We first formulated the problem as an integer linear program(ILP) whose objective is to maximize the total throughput of a closed femtocell,while guaranteeing minimum throughput for each user.The throughput is one of the most important quality of service(QoS) metrics to measure the network performance.In view of the NP-hardness of the ILP,we then proposed an intelligent optimization algorithm called ACOGA with reduced polynomial time complexity.The proposed ACOGA algorithm applies the genetic algorithm(GA) to optimize the parametric configuration of the conventional ant colony optimization(ACO) algorithm,thereby speeding up the rate of convergence and improving the solution quality.Simulation results show that compared to the conventional ACO algorithm with static parametric configurations,the ACOGA algorithm can improved the system throughput by over 12% and achieves a faster rate of convergence.

Key words: LTE-A,Femtocell,MCS selection,Resource block allocation,QoS guarantees

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