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USDZQ Optimization Based on Ant Colony Algorithm and Application in ECG Compression

WANG Wei-ping and YANG Miao   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: This paper adopted an improved uniform quantizer,a uniform scalar dead zone quantizer(USDZQ),to quantize the transformed coefficients.The selection of quantizer parameters directly affects the ECG data compression performance.Therefore the objective of this study was focused on the optimization of the USDZQ parameters.We used the ant colony optimization(ACO) algorithm for the optimization.Experiments on several records from the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database show that as long as the USDZQ parameter is optimized reasonably,USDZQ can achieve better performance than the uniform quantizer,and may successfully be applied in the ECG data compression.

Key words: ACO,USDZQ,ECG data compression

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