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Keyword-based Privacy-preserving Retrieval over Cloud Encrypted Data

YU Zhi-bin and ZHOU Yan-hui   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: More and more organizations and individuals outsource their data storage into cloud and using cloud-based services provide data management.Query providing user capabilities of accessing cloud data and obtaining information,is an important component of cloud services.Thus,how to protect both privacy of user queries and data privacy in cloud while providing query services and eventually providing query results meeting needs quickly and timely has become a vital concern.The private information retrieval (PIR) protocol allows user to perform a query from a database without revealing his private information;meanwhile the privacy of the database will be protected.Corresponding to limitations encountered in the applications of existing PIR protocol in the cloud environment and large capacity data scenario,a computational PIR protocol based on additively homomorphic encryption scheme and MapReduce was proposed.The protocol uses the batch queries method to lower the communication complexity.Further,we used proposed protocol as the building-block as well as perfect hash function tool to construct a cloud keyword-based encrypted data retrieval scheme.The scheme combines high query efficiency and the practicality of keyword-based retrieval.

Key words: Private information retrieval,Additively homomorphic encryption,Parallel query processes,Keyword-based retrieval

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