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Attack-resistant and Low-cost AES Implementation for Wireless Sensor Network

LUO Xin-qiang, QI Yue, WAN Ya-dong and WANG Qin   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Advanced encryption standard(AES) is specified as the core cipher algorithm of the data link layer by many wireless sensor network(WSN) standards.But traditional AES implementation is hard to perform on the resource-constrained WSN nodes due to its high computation complexity.Look-up table(LUT) can improve the speed of AES software implementations significantly,but the traditional AES implement(4-T) based on 4 LUTs consumes high storage and faces the threat of access-driven cache attack.This paper proposed an AES implementation(1-T) based on one 512-Byte LUT,by optimizing the structure of the LUT,decreasing its storage consumption and increasing its ability of against access-driven cache attack significantly at the same time.In order to eliminate the encryption speed impact on 1-T,the round encryption function of 1-T was optimized as well.The experiment result on ARM shows that,the 1-T’s encryption time is increased 43.5% comparing to 4-T’s,but only 38.55% of the one of the AES implementation based on hardware accelerator.

Key words: Wireless sensor network,AES encryption,Look-up table,Access-driven cache attack,Low-cost

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