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Effective Algorithm for Computing Attribute Core Based on Binary Representation

HU Shuai-peng, ZHANG Qing-hua and YAO Long-yang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Computing partitions of the domain (U/C) based on condition attributes and searching for attribute core are the most critical and time-consuming computation during the process of knowledge discovery based on rough sets.Gene-rally,them through comparing every attribute value of each object.In this paper,based on the binary representation,the “sum” of all the conditional attribute was got firstly.Comparing the “sums” once ,we can obtain U/C through judging whether the “sums” are repeated or not,and its time complexity is O(|C||U|).Then this method for computing U/C was used to design a new efficient algorithm for quickly computing attribute core,and its time complexity is O(|C||U|) whether information system is consistent or not.An example was used to illustrate the detail steps of the proposed algorithms.Finally,experimental results show that the new algorithms are not only exact but also efficient.

Key words: Rough set,Attribute core,Binary representation,Information systems,Efficient algorithm

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