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Study on Non Proliferation Stage Transfer Algorithm Based on Opportunistic Network

GUAN Pei-yuan, CHEN Zhi-gang, WU Jia and GUO Lin   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: At present, the vast majority of algorithms in opportunistic networks take “packet proliferation” strategy,namely using the packet replication to improve the success rate of data packet transmission in network system. The core idea of the improved algorithms based on Epidemic algorithm or Spray and Wait algorithm is the proliferation.In this paper,the transmission process was divided into a certan period of time,and the stage of non proliferative transfer algorithm NPST(Non Proliferation Stage Transfer Algorithm) was proposed.The core idea of this algorithm is that in the early stage of system operation,system operation runs in accordance with the other classical algorithms,and when the data packets in node cache meet some condition, the system uses non proliferative strategy,and the transmissionof packets between nodes no longer generates new copies,instead,the packets transmit by the way of “exchange”.In the middle and later stages of system operation,the proposed algorithm can effectively reduce the routing overhead of the whole system,and improve the performance of the network.

Key words: Opportunity network,Non proliferation policy,Stage,Routing overhead,Energy consumption

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