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Single Line Transit Mixed Scheduling Model Based on Vehicle Departure Timetable

WANG Yang and SHEN Ji-quan   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Aiming at the shortage of the classification of passengers and handling method of stranded passengers in the single line transit mixed model with express bus,this paper supplemented the model by three steps.Firstly,the composition and transformation of the passengers were systematically discussed,meanwhile,a method based on the bus quantity of stranded passenger waiting for,stranded reason and the distance of destination station was put forward to deal with the stranded passenger distribution,and the time cost of the stranded passengers was calculated by this method.Secondly,the departure timetable was established with the combination of three variables-vehicle type,departure mode and headway,and then the variables of operating timetable were calculated based on this departure timetable information,and next the bus services indicators,passenger and vehicle related costs were also calculated.Finally,according to the characteristics of the problem,the max-min ant colony system algorithm was used to solve the model.With a given number of vehicles and a period of time,a comparative experiment was taken to analyze the optimal timetable solution of four scheduling strategies and its corresponding optimal solution’s bus service levels and total system cost.The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed model balances the passenger flow,and minimizes the cost of passenger time and vehicle fuel consumption.

Key words: Combination scheduling,Express bus,Ant colony algorithm,Departure timetable,Departure interval

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