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Special Issue: Block Chain Technology

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Optimization Scheme of Consensus Algorithm Based on Aggregation Signature

YUAN Chao, XU Mi-xue and SI Xue-ming   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the rise of Bitcoin,Ethernet,Hyperledger and so on,blockchain has been paid more and more attention.Blockchain is the product of many technologies,and the consensus algorithm is an important standard to adjudicate a blockchain system.The adopted consensus algorithm should be different from the blockchain system to another for the different features.Different consensus algorithms have their own advantages,but they also have shortcomings.Currently,efficiency problem is one of the main problems faced by the consensus algorithm in the blockchain.In order to improve the efficiency,the potential optimization scheme of the consensus algorithm in the blockchain was introduced.Then,the dBFT consensus algorithm commonly used in the alliance chain was taken as the research object,and through combining with the aggregation signature and the bilinear mapping technology,the consensus process was modified.At last,compared with the original scheme,the space complexity of the signature in blockchain system can be effectively reduced with the aggregated dBFT.

Key words: Blockchain,Consensus algorithm,Aggregation signature,Optimization,Bilinear pairings

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