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Path Optimization Scheme for Restraining Degree of Disorder in CMT

WANG Zhen-chao, HOU Huan-huan and LIAN Rui   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: In order to lighten the disorder degree at the receiving side in concurrent multipath transfer(CMT),a new path optimization scheme was proposed in this paper based on MPTCP protocol.In this scheme,a geometric path evaluation model is established based on path delay,packet loss rate and bandwidth in three-dimensional cartesian coordinate system(3D).In oder to select a set of active paths with large bandwidth,small packet loss rate and small delay-difference from the geometric path evaluation model according to the required number of paths,the dichotomy is combined with the improved density-based clustering analysis method.Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme can reduce the disorder length and the number of retransmission packets,and can improve the throughput and packet transmission rate.

Key words: Heterogeneous network,CMT,Disorder,Dichotomy,Clustering analysis

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