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Optimization of Networked Air-defense Operational Formation Structure Based on Bilevel Programming

LI Hui, ZHOU Lin and XIN Wen-bo   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: Scientific and reasonable operational formation air-defense structure(OFAS) is important to ensure the safety of formation,and improve the reliability and validity of operational missions.Aiming at the optimization problem of OFAS,firstly,relevant concepts of OFAS were defined and general process of formation air-defense operation was ana-lyzed.Secondly,based on the theory of bilevel programming,taking the farthest distance between defending nodes and core node and the strongest anti-saturation striking capability as upper and lower target respectively,the double layers optimization model for OFAS was built by comprehensively considering detection angle covering,fire intercepting time,missile twice catching and so on.Then,the hierarchical particle swarm optimization algorithm was introduced to solve the model,and concrete operation steps were given.Finally,taking OFAS for surface ships as an example,the optimal air-defense network structure was built,and the maximum anti-saturation striking capability was calculated.The rationality and feasibility of the model and method are verified through contrast with typical column and arc formation structures.

Key words: Operational formation,Air-defense structure,Optimization,Bilevel programming,Hierarchical particle swarm optimization algorithm

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