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Node Propagation Importance Algorithm for Multi-dimensional Complex Networks

ZHANG Xin, WANG Hui-hui, YAN Pei, GUO Yang   

  1. (School of Information,Liaoning University,Shenyang 110004,China)
  • Online:2019-11-10 Published:2019-11-20

Abstract: How to measure node importance in the network topology has always been a research hotspot in the field of complex networks.Most of the existing researches are oriented to single dimensional networks.Therefore,aiming at the fact that there is often a multi dimensional coexistence in real-world network structure,the definition of dimensional similarity was proposed to measure the relationship between dimensions.Considering the impact of information attenuation on node importance in actual process of information propagation,the definition of propagation attenuation rate is given.The value of attenuation coefficient is determined by propagation non-destructive assumption on a fully connected single dimensional network and corresponding algorithm.And the node importance algorithm is given further.The small network characteristics of the complex network are utilized in the given algorithm to limit the maximum propagation hops,so that the algorithm takes into account both time efficiency and accuracy.The experimental results on the real network show that the proposed algorithm has certain advantages in accuracy and time efficiency compared with traditional node degree and node betweenness methods.

Key words: Attenuation rate, Dimensional similarity, Maximum propagation hops, Multidimensional network, Node importance

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