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Texture Detail Preserving Image Interpolation Algorithm

SONG Gang1,2, DU Hong-wei1,2, WANG Ping1,2, LIU Xin-xin1,2, HAN Hui-jian1,3   

  1. School of Computer Science and Technology,Shandong University of Finance and Economics,Jinan 250014,China1;
    Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Media Technology,Jinan 250014,China2;
    Shandong Provincial Information Visualization and Research Centre in Computing Economic Engineering Technology,Jinan 250014,China3
  • Online:2019-06-14 Published:2019-07-02

Abstract: It is difficult to maintain the image texture details in image interpolation technology.To overcome this problem,this paper proposed a new method of image interpolation based on rational interpolation function.Firstly,image is automatically divided into texture regions and smooth regions using the isoline method.Secondly,a new type of C2-continuous rational interpolation function is constructed,which is an organic unity of polynomial models and rational mo-dels.According to regional features of the image,the texture region is interpolated by rational model and the smooth region is interpolated by polynomial model.Finally,based on the human visual system,this paper proposed a multi-scale approach to boost details of interpolated image.Experimental results show that this algorithm not only has lower time complexity,but also can preserve image detail,and obtain high objective evaluation data.

Key words: Adaptive region division, Image interpolation, Isoline method, Multi-scale detail enhancement

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  • TP391
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