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Special Issue: Intelligent Mobile Authentication

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Survey on Mutual Trust Authentication and Secure Communication of Internet of Vehicles

WANG Chun-dong, LUO Wan-wei, MO Xiu-liang, YANG Wen-jun   

  1. School of Computer Science and Engineering,Tianjin University of Technology,Tianjin 300384,China
  • Received:2020-08-03 Revised:2020-09-27 Online:2020-11-15 Published:2020-11-05
  • About author:WANG Chun-dong,born in 1969,Ph.D,professor,is a senior member of China Computer Federation.His main research interests include network information security,mobile intelligent terminal security,public opinion analysis and control,Internet of Things security and security situation awareness.
  • Supported by:
    This work was supported by the Foundation of Tianjin Science and Technology Committee(15JCYBJC15600) and Fundamental Research Fund for General Technology(U1536122).

Abstract: With the rapid development of multi-scenario applications of the Internet of Vehicles and 5G communications,ensuring mutual trust authentication and secure communication between high-speed vehicles has become increasingly important.The identity authentication in the current Internet of Vehicles access scenario and the securityin the process of communicating with Internet of Vehicles have become the two most important lines of defense.First,this paper introduces the research background of existing mutual trust authentication and secure communication in Internet of Vehicles,and points out the principles and technologies used in secure mutual trust authentication and secure communication,including elliptic curve encryption,Hash function,digital signature,blockchain,etc.Then,it classifies protocols,including anonymous access security mutual trust authentication protocol,group access security mutual trust protocol,cross-domain authentication security mutual trust protocol,etc.Due to the broadcast characteristics of the wireless channel,the information exchanged between vehicle nodes may be eavesdropped,forged or replayed.Therefore,the security communication of Internet of Vehicles based on blockchain and 5G-based light-weight car networking security communication are discussed.Then,it analyzes the existing problems and security threats in the mutual trust authentication and secure communication of the existing car networking.Finally,the impact of 5G communication on the safety certification and communication of the Internet of Vehicles is discussed,and the integration of 5G technology will further develop the mutual trust authentication and secure communication of the Internet of Vehicles in the future.At the same time,it also makes certain predictions and prospects for the future key trends of the combined research of the Internet of Vehicles and 5G technology.

Key words: 5G Technology, Blockchain, Internet of vehicles, Mutual trust authentication, Secure communication

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