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Design and Performance Analysis of Automotive Supply Chain System Based on Hyperledger Fabric

LIN Xu-dan1, BAO Shi-Jian2, ZHAO Li-xin3 and ZHAO Chen-lin1   

  1. 1 School of information and communication engineering,BeiJing University of Posts and Telecommunications,BeiJing 100876,China
    2 China International Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd,BeiJing 100044,China
    3 Henan Co.,Ltd,China Mobile Communications Group,Zhengzhou 450008,China
  • Published:2020-07-07
  • About author:LIN Xu-dan, born in 1994, received the research interests include edge computing and blockchain.
  • Supported by:
    This work was supported by the Standardization of Intelligent Manufacturing and Application of New Model in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Abstract: Hitherto,a centralized management mode is prevalent in Automobile Supply Chain System (ASCS).The difficulty in data exchange and the information asymmetry between enterprises,nevertheless,are leading to a low efficiency in such system.Furthermore,critical question of trust is also raised due to the opacity of information.For these reasons,inspired by the emerging blockchain technology,a novel distributed blockchain-based ASCS with Hyperledger Fabric as a development framework is designed to provide secure and trusted transaction services for mutli-party enterprises.The proposed system is provided with a series of advantages,such as access control,Data transparency,traceable and non-modifiable.In addition,a multichannel architecture is devised to realize the privacy isolation in enterprise collaboration.In this paper,firstly,the experimental environment is constructed by utilizing the docker technology,and then the functional interface is tested.Finally,the feasibility of the proposed system is verified by analyzing the throughput performance.This paper introduces the model of “blockchain+”,which provides a new idea for the upgrading and transformation of traditional automobile supply chain.

Key words: Blockchain application, Hyperledger fabric, Privacy isolation, Supply chain

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  • TP311
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