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WSN Source-location Privacy Protection Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

GUO Rui, LU Tian-liang, DU Yan-hui, ZHOU Yang, PAN Xiao-qin, LIU Xiao-chen   

  1. College of Police Information Engineering and Network Security,People’s Public Security University of China,Beijing 100038,China
  • Received:2020-01-07 Online:2020-07-15 Published:2020-07-16
  • About author:GUO Rui,born in 1996,master.Her main research interests include IoT security and information security.
    LU Tian-liang,born in 1985,Ph.D,associate professor,is a member of China Computer Federation.His main research interests include cyber security and artificial intelligence.
  • Supported by:
    This work was supported by the National Key R&D Program of China(20190178) and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of PPSUC(2019JKF108)

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) oriented to target monitoring tasks is usually deployed in unsupervised,critical and sensitive environments.The openness of Wireless communication seriously threatens the security of monitoring targets,so it is necessary to effectively protect the location privacy of source nodes.Considering the low computational complexity of ant colony algorithm and its unique advantages in path planning,a source location privacy protection scheme based on improved ant colony algorithm EESLP-ACA (Energy Efficient Source Location Privacy based on Ant Colony Algorithm) is proposed.When the sensor node receives the packet,it will select the forwarding node according to the pheromone concentration and the improved path heuristic content to minimize and balance the network energy consumption.At the same time,by introducing the reference distance and improving the pheromone update mechanism,the possibility of the unselected node becoming the forwarding node is increased,and the repeated dynamic route with low probability is constructed to reduce the number of packets an attacker can receive and increase the difficulty of reverse tracking.The performance analysis shows that it not only effectively improves the performance of ant colony algorithm and makes it better applied in the field of WSN source location privacy protection,but also effectively enhances the security of source location privacy while prolonging the network life cycle and shortening the transmission delay compared with CDR and ELSP schemes.

Key words: Ant colony algorithm, Dynamic route, Privacy protection, Source-location, Wireless sensor network

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  • TN929.5
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