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免授权NOMA 系统中基于变步长自适应匹配追踪的抗干扰多用户检测算法

李玉阁, 王天荆, 沈航, 罗小康, 白光伟   

  1. 南京工业大学计算机科学与技术学院 南京 211816
  • 收稿日期:2022-04-17 修回日期:2022-09-13 出版日期:2023-05-15 发布日期:2023-05-06
  • 通讯作者: 王天荆(Lyuge@njtech.edu.cn)
  • 作者简介:(lyuge@njtech.edu.cn)
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Anti-interference Multiuser Detection Algorithm Based on Variable Step Size Adaptive Matching Pursuit in Grant-free NOMA System

LI Yuge, WANG Tianjing, SHEN Hang, LUO Xiaokang, BAI Guangwei   

  1. School of Computer Science and Technology,Nanjing University of Technology,Nanjing 211816,China
  • Received:2022-04-17 Revised:2022-09-13 Online:2023-05-15 Published:2023-05-06
  • About author:LI Yuge,born in 1997,postgraduate.His main research interests include wireless network and machine learning.
    WANG Tianjing,born in 1977,Ph.D,associate professor,master supervisor.Her main research interests include wireless network and machine learning.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(61501224,61502230),Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province(BK20201357),Six Talent Peak High-level Talent Project of Jiangsu Province(RJFW-020),Jiangsu Key Laboratory Project of Big Data Security and Intelligent Processing(Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)(BDSIP1910),State Key Laboratory Project of New Computer Software Technology(Nanjing University)(KFKT2017B21) and Jiangsu Graduate Scientific Research and Practice Innovation Plan(SJCX21_0486).

摘要: 第五代移动通信系统(5G)通过非正交多址(NOMA)技术对无线通信资源进行非正交复用,以过载的方式提高了频谱利用效率和系统容量。NOMA系统采用免授权的方式减少了系统流程和信令开销,但是接收端需要进行多用户检测。基站利用活跃用户的稀疏特性,采用压缩感知(CS)重构算法恢复活跃用户的混合稀疏向量,实现了高效的多用户检测。但5G网络中基站密集部署增强了相邻小区间的干扰,因而增加了CS检测难度及降低了检测精度。针对免授权NOMA系统中多用户检测存在干扰的问题,提出了一种基于变步长自适应匹配追踪的抗干扰多用户检测算法。在稀疏度未知的情况下,该算法以大步长快速接近、小步长精确逼近稀疏度的自适应变步长方式,实现抗干扰的活跃用户检测。仿真结果表明,在不同过载率下,所提算法的误比特率均低于传统的基于OMP,gOMP和SAMP的多用户检测算法。

关键词: 免授权NOMA系统, 多用户检测, 抗干扰, 变步长自适应匹配追踪

Abstract: The fifth generation mobile communication system(5G) uses non-orthogonal multiple access(NOMA) technology for non-orthogonal multiplexing of wireless communication resources,which improves the spectrum utilization efficiency and system capacity by the way of overload.The NOMA system uses the grant-free mode to reduce the system flow and signaling overhead,but the receiver needs to perform multi-user detection.Based on the sparse characteristics of active users,the base station uses the compressed sensing(CS) reconstruction algorithm to recover the mixed sparse vectors of active users,and realizes efficient multi-user detection.The dense deployment of base stations in 5G network enhances the interferences among neighboring cells that increases the difficulty of CS-based detection and reduces the accuracy of detection.Aiming at the problem of interference in multi-user detection in the grant-free NOMA system,an anti-interference multiuser detection algorithm based on variable step size adaptive matching pursuit is proposed.Unknowing the sparse degree,the anti-interference active user detection can be realized by the adaptive variable step size way,in which the sparse degree is fast approached with large step size and accurately approximated with small step size.Simulation results show that,under different overload rates,the bit error rates of the proposed algorithm are lower than that of traditional multi-user detection algorithms based on OMP,gOMP and SAMP.

Key words: Grant-free non-orthogonal multiple access system, Multi-user detection, Anti-interference, Variable step size adaptive matching


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