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梁伟亮1, 李悦2, 王棚飞3   

  1. 1 中国人民大学区块链研究院 北京 100872
    2 深圳职业技术学院经济学院 广东 深圳 518055
    3 中华人民共和国应急管理部大数据中心 北京 100013
  • 收稿日期:2022-08-16 修回日期:2022-10-01 出版日期:2023-02-15 发布日期:2023-02-22
  • 通讯作者: 李悦(LiYue9303@szpt.edu.cn)
  • 作者简介:(751101457@qq.com)
  • 基金资助:

Lightweight Face Generation Method Based on TransEditor and Its Application Specification

LIANG Weiliang1, LI Yue2, WANG Pengfei3   

  1. 1 Blockchain Research Institute,Renmin University of China,Beijing 100872,China
    2 School of Economics,Shenzhen Polytechnics,Shenzhen,Guangdong 518055,China
    3 Big Data Center,Ministry of Emergency Management of the people's Republic of China,Beijing 100013,China
  • Received:2022-08-16 Revised:2022-10-01 Online:2023-02-15 Published:2023-02-22
  • Supported by:
    Youth Foundation of Social Science and Humanity,China Ministry of Education(21YJC820023) and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation(2022M713439)

摘要: 人脸生成可以将人脸的样式和头部的姿态进行组合,合成虚假的人脸图像,常用于性别转换、姿势修改等视觉任务。基于GAN的人脸生成方法大幅度提高了人脸生成的质量和可编辑性,但是这些生成方法网络结构复杂、计算资源需求大,很难直接应用于实际场景中。为了实现高效的人脸生成,提出了一种基于TransEditor的轻量化人脸生成方法,并探讨了相应的应用规范路径。在技术层面,首先,以TransEditor人脸编辑网络模型为基础,参考StyleGAN2等轻量化网络模型的生成器结构,设计了轻量化的人脸生成网络模型。其次,从生成损失、对抗损失、重建损失等方面分析了网络模型的损失函数,提出使用PReLU激活函数代替Softplus激活函数来提高生成器的生成效果。最后,大量实验证明,提出的基于TransEditor的轻量化人脸生成方法的LPIPS仅减少了0.0042,大幅度减少了模型的训练时间和参数量,提高了人脸生成模型的运行效率。在应用规范层面,需完善现有的规制措施,规范所提方法的使用,使技术进步更好地服务于社会发展。

关键词: 人脸生成, 生成对抗网络, Transformer网络, 轻量化, 应用规范

Abstract: Face generation can combine the style of the face and the pose of the head to synthesize fake face images,it is often used for vision tasks such as gender conversion and pose modification.GAN-based face generation methods can greatly improve the quality and editability of face generation.However,these generation methods have complex network structures and large computing resource requirements,and are difficult to directly apply to practical scenarios.To achieve efficient face generation,this paper proposes a lightweight face generation method based on TransEditor,and discusses the corresponding application specifications.At the technical level,firstly,based on the TransEditor face editing network model,we design a lightweight face generation network model with reference to the generator structure of lightweight network model such as StyleGAN2.Secondly,we analyze the loss function of the network model from the aspects of generation loss,confrontation loss,reconstruction loss,etc.,and propose to use the PReLU activation function instead of the Softplus activation function to improve the generation effect of the ge-nerator.Finally,through massive experiments,it is proved that the LPIPS of the proposed lightweight face generation method based on TransEditor only reduces by 0.0042,which greatly reduces the training time and parameter amount of the model,and improves the operation efficiency of the face generation model.At the level of application specifications,it is necessary to improve the existing regulatory measures and standardize the use of the proposed face generation method,so that technological progress can better serve social development.

Key words: Face generation, Generative adversarial network, Transformer network, Lightweight, Application specification


  • TP301.6
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