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Feedback Numbers of Generalized Kautz Digraphs GK(3,n)

XU Xi-rong, HUANG Ya-zhen, ZHANG Si-jia and DONG Xue-zhi   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: A subset of vertices of a graph G is called a feedback vertex set of G,if its removal results is an acyclic subgraph.This paper investigated the feedback vertex set of generalized Kautz digraphs GK(d,n).Let f(d,n) denote the minimum cardinality over all feedback vertex sets of the Generalized Kautz digraph GK(d,n).The upper bound of the feedback numbers of GK(3,n) is obtained as follows f(3,n)≤n+5n8 - 3n4- 4n7+3.

Key words: Topological structure of interconnection network,Feedback vertex set,Feedback number,Generalized Kautz digraphs,Acyclic subgraph

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