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Research on Recommendation Method of Restaurant Based on LDA Model

ZHANG Xiao-yang, QIN Gui-he, ZOU Mi, SUN Ming-hui and GAO Qing-yang   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the rapid development of the network,the amount of the evaluation information of the food and bevera-ge has increased dramatically.The effective analysis of the evaluation information can not only help the consumers choose the suitable restaurant,but also help the businesses improve service.For this purpose,a restaurant recommendation method based on LDA(Dirichlet Allocation Latent) model was proposed.First of all,it classifies the evaluation information according to the emotional tendencies,and then gets the positive evaluation and praise rate.Secondly,it manipulates the LDA model for text clustering to generate restaurant tags.Finally,it calculates the similarity between the user’s needs and the restaurant tags,and according to the similarity and the rate of praise,recommends the suitable restaurants to customers.We got the real food and beverage comments from the Internet,and carried out the experiment.As a result,the effect of the restaurant tags produced from this method is good,which could accurately recommend the restaurants to users.

Key words: Evaluation information,LDA,Emotion analysis,Text clustering,Restaurant tags,Restaurant recommendation

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