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Fast and Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Mobile Cloud Offloading

SHI Wen-jun, WU Ji-gang and LUO Yu-chun   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: Running applications of high computation on mobile devices is constrained by limited battery capacity and energy consumption of the devices.Cloud offloading is a main solution for supporting computationally demanding applications on these resource-constrainted devices.This paper proposed a fast and efficient heuristic approach for scheduling and offloading problems of the application task graph in the wireless network.The proposed heuristic approach initially moves the tasks that can be offloaded to the cloud,and then iteratively moves the tasks with highest benefit value to the mobile device.The benefit values are updated in each iteration to cater for the task concurrence.In addition,this paper also constructed a tabu search approach to search for the global optimization solution.It presented and implemented the encoding method,tabu list,neighborhood solutions and the stopping criterion of the proposed tabu search algorithm. The customized tabu search algorithm is with the initial solution generated by the proposed heuristic algorithm.By comparing three algorithms based on non-offloading,full offloading,and random offloading,experimental results show that the proposed heuristic algorithm runs very fast,and the generated heuristic solutions are efficient.For the case of the task graphs with width of 10 and depth of 8,the energy consumption of non-offloading,full offloading,and random offloading are 5461,7 and 2271 respectively,while the proposed heuristic solution is 2111.It is further reduced to 1942 by the customized tabu search.The results confirm that the proposed heuristic algorithm can generate high quality approximate solution for the scheduling and offloading problem in mobile computing.

Key words: Mobile cloud computing,Task offloading,Scheduling,Heuristic algorithm

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