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Delivery Probability Based Routing Algorithm for Vehicular Social Network

ZHANG Hao-chen, CAI Ying, XIA Hong-ke   

  1. Computer School,Beijing Information Science and Technology University,Beijing 100101,China
  • Received:2020-02-21 Revised:2020-05-21 Online:2021-03-15 Published:2021-03-05
  • About author:ZHANG Hao-chen,born in 1996,postgraduate.His main research interests include wireless networks and VANETs.
    CAI Ying,born in 1966,Ph.D,professor,is a member of China Computer Federation.Her main research interests include vehicular networks and edge computing,cyber security and cryptographic algorithms.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(61672106) and Natural Science Foundation of Beijing,China(L192023).

Abstract: In a Vehicular Social Network(VSN),due to the rapid and random mobility of vehicles,the network topology changes constantly and the communication link breaks frequently.And thus,the loss rate and the transmission delay are high during message transmission.In order to solve these problems,a delivery probability-based routing algorithm named ProSim is proposed.Opportunistic encounters between nodes are used for message transmission,and the social relationship between vehicles is used to design the routing algorithm.Social relationships used in this paper include the encounter probability and the social similarity between vehicles.These social relationships are quantified and used to calculate the delivery probability.By using real road data for simulation,it proves that ProSim can effectively improve the delivery ratio under the premise of controlling overhead and delay,compared with 3 classic routing algorithms including Direct Delivery,Epidemic and PRoPHET.

Key words: Delivery probability, Opportunistic communication, Routing algorithm, Social relationship, Vehicular social network

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  • TP393
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