Computer Science ›› 2015, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (Z11): 301-304.

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Signal Boundary Characteristic Matching Extension Based on Bilateral Filtering

CAO Xiao-chu, JIN Di, LU Yin-tao, WANG Zong-ren and WANG Qi-di   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: The end effects of empirical mode decomposition affect the quality of signal decomposition.A method of signal boundary characteristic matching extension based on bilateral filtering was proposed to overcome it.The influence of the end effect is effectively restrained and the accuracy of signal components is improved.Both inherent laws of source signal and difference between local data are considered to boundary wave extension.The simulation and seismic data analysis demonstrate that it is an effective method for signal decomposition.

Key words: Bilateral filtering,Characteristic matching,Endpoint extension,Empirical mode decomposition

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