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Research and Development of Auditing Techniques for Cloud Data Possession

TIAN Hui, CHEN Yu-xiang, HUANG Yong-feng and LU Jing   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: As an important branch of cloud computing,cloud storage possesses the advantages of low-cost and high-performance,and has attracted a growing number of organizations and individuals to outsource their data.However,due to the outsourcing characteristic of cloud data and frequent security accidents for cloud storage providers,users are lacking of confidence in the cloud storage server,of which the main problem is how to effectively check the integrity of cloud data.To overcome this challenge,the auditing for cloud data possession has been proposed and gotten widespread attention in recent years,and a comprehensive survey was provided in this paper.First,general models and design goals of the auditing for cloud data possession were reviewed.Second,the existing auditing schemes for cloud data possession were classified according to their auditing functions,their principles were analyzed,and their performances were compared.Finally,the open problems in the auditing for cloud data possession were identified,and the trends of future development were discussed.

Key words: Cloud storage,Provable data possession,Public auditing,Cloud security

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