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Research and Implementation of Real-time Exchange System in Data Center

TANG Xu, WANG Fei, LI Tong and ZHANG Peng   

  • Online:2017-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: In view of real-time information exchange system(RIES)in data center,the applications require real-time and reliable transmission of data flow.This paper analyzed the features of data flow in data center,and proposed an architecture of RIES.Furthermore,this paper focused on the methods of reliable real-time data transmission.The methods uses the thread-control module and the message synchronous blocking I/O model to achieve the concurrent data flow processing.Moreover,the package loss of data flow is solved by using a loop caching mechanism,and the reliability of the system is ensured by double-system synchronized technique.In order to achieve real-time data transmission and decrease delay in the process of system processing,the queue priority based tasks scheduling (QPTS) algorithm was proposed.The algorithm implemented the on-demand scheduling of data flow,which is based on priority,deadline and amount of remaining packets,meanwhile it improved the processing speed of RIES.The evaluation results show the efficiency of the algorithm,and guarantee the real-time and reliability of the system.

Key words: Real-time exchange,Loop cache,Priority,Deadline,Amount of remaining packets

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