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Improved ORB Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Quadtree Encoding

YU Xin-yi, ZHAN Yi-an, ZHU Feng, OU Lin-lin   

  1. College of Information Engineering,Zhejiang University of Technology,Hangzhou 310000,China
  • Online:2019-02-26 Published:2019-02-26

Abstract: An improved ORB feature extraction algorithm based on quadtree encoding was proposed in this paper,which can solve the problem that the detected feature points are too dense to show the picture information completely.Firstly,the image pyramid is built to make the scale invariance.Then,the feature points are extracted on each image pyramid and quadtree encoding is introduced to homogenize the feature point.Finally,the direction and descriptor are calculated for each feature points.In this paper,the Xtion PRO was used as an experimental tool to extract the feature points under indoor environment,and the proposed algorithm was compared with others.Experimental results show the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed method.

Key words: Descriptor, Feature points, Image pyramid, ORB algorithm, Quadtree encoding

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  • TP391.41
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