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Management Information System Based on Mimic Defense

CHANG Xiao-lin1,2, FAN Yong-wen1, ZHU Wei-jun1, LIU Yang1   

  1. (School of Information Engineering,Zhengzhou University,Zhengzhou 450001,China)1;
    (School of software,Henan University,Kaifeng,Henan 475000,China)2
  • Online:2019-11-10 Published:2019-11-20

Abstract: Safety management information system(MIS) affects the normal operations of many enterprises and organizations.In view of the shortcomings of existing security protection methods for information management systems,this paper proposed a management information system based on Mimic Defense(Mimic Management Information Systems,MMIS).Firstly,redundant execution set is constructed for presentation layer,business logic layer and data servicela-yer.Secondly,execution set is dynamically scheduled by dynamic configurator.Finally,execution set is voted by voter.The simulation results show that MMIS has higher security than traditional MIS.

Key words: Management information system, Mimic defense, Diversity, Dynamic configuration, Mimic management information systems

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