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Following-degree Tree Algorithm to Detect Overlapping Communities in Complex Networks

FU Li-dong1,2, LI Dan1, LI Zhan-li1   

  1. (School of Computer Science & Technology,Xi’an University of Science and Technology,Xi’an 710054,China)1;
    (School of Computer Science & Technology,Xidian University,Xi’an 710071,China)2
  • Received:2019-02-15 Online:2019-12-15 Published:2019-12-17

Abstract: Overlapping community detection is a key and difficult issue in complex network research field.Due to the widespread hierarchical structures in real networks,the hierarchical overlapping community detection methods are more suitable for studying and analyzing complex networks in the real world.However,these researches of this kind of method are not many now.This paper proposed a new overlapping community detection algorithm named following-degree tree based on the definition of complex network node leadership and subordination concept.Combined with the hierarchical characteristic,this algorithm constructs the following-degree tree by calculating the following degree of eve-ry nodes and finally finds the overlapping nodes and overlapping communities by dividing the tree.The feasibility of the algorithm was proved by an artificial network experiment,and its effectiveness was verified by the experiments on Dolphin network and Karate network.The proposed algorithm has high extended modularity and more reasonable division,which can find overlapping nodes that other algorithms cannot find.

Key words: Complex networks, Following-degree tree, Hierarchical networks, Overlapping community

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  • TP399
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