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Guidelines for Review
  • Review requirements:

    1. Fairness: don't make biased evaluation on the manuscript because of the author's nationality, race, gender, native place, religious belief, etc. There is no conflict of interest. If the author includes colleagues, main collaborators, researchers from the university, or other conflicts of interest, the peer review should be avoided.

    2. Objective and realistic: don't make inappropriate evaluation on the manuscript because of personal preference and aversion to the research direction.

    3. Constructive comments: it's better to  further improve  manuscript.

    4. Write clearly the advantages and disadvantages of the manuscript: this is an important reference for editors to evaluate whether they accept the manuscript.

    5. If the comments are too simple, the editorial department will review the manuscript as invalid.

    The general process of manuscript review is as follows:

    1. The editorial department sends out the invitation to review the manuscript, which is usually sent by e-mail.

    2. According to the title and abstract, reviewer determines whether to accept the review. After review, you can view the full text.

    3. Read the full text quickly to get the first impression.

    4. Read the full text carefully and mark the whole process on the electronic version of the article.

    5. Check the format and mark.

    6. Write review comments.

    7. Review comments.

    8. Submit review comments in the review system.
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