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Flocking Based on Communication Delay and Noise

WANG Shi-li, JIN Ying-hua, WU Chen   

  1. (School of Sciences,Jiangnan University,Wuxi,Jiangsu 214122,China)
  • Received:2018-09-11 Revised:2019-01-02 Online:2019-10-15 Published:2019-10-21

Abstract: In real life,flocking is a very common phenomenon.However,in flocking system,due to the limited speed and traffic congestion,generally,there are time delays in transmission and communication between agents,so it is necessary to consider time delay.In addition,in the real-world environment,agents are also vulnerable to noise due to various uncertainties in the external environment,so noise is also inevitable to be considered.Based on these two points,this paper studied the flocking of multi-agent system with communication delay and noise.This paper specifically considered the Cucker-Smale model with communication delay and noise,and verified that the multi-agent system can still obtain a sufficient flocking condition when the amount of delay and the noise intensity of multi-agent system satisfy some certain conditions based on the properties of quadratic function.Finally,a numerical simulation was carried out by using MATLAB,and an example was given.The results show the correctness of the theory.

Key words: Communication delay, Cucker-Smale model, Flocking, Multi-agent system, Noise

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