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Subnetwork Reliability of (n,k)-bubble-sort Networks

FENG Kai, MA Xin-yu   

  1. School of Computer and Information Technology,Shanxi University,Taiyuan 030006,China
  • Received:2020-06-24 Revised:2021-01-10 Online:2021-04-15 Published:2021-04-09
  • About author:FENG Kai,born in 1987,Ph.D,associate professor,master supervisor,is a member of China Computer Federation.His main research interests include fault-tolerance of interconnection network,graph theory and its applications.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China(61502286).

Abstract: Topological properties of the interconnection network of a parallel computer system play an important role in realizing functions of the system.In order to measure the fault tolerance abilities of subnetworks in the parallel computer system which is built based on the (n,k)-bubble-sort network,the one-to-one relation between (n-m,k-m)-bubble-sort subnetworks of the (n,k)-bubble-sort network and specific strings is constructed,and the reliability of (n-m,k-m)-bubble-sort subnetworks in the (n,k)-bubble-sort network is studied under the node fault model.Assuming that 2≤k≤n-2 and 1≤m≤k-1,the probability that at least one (n-m,k-m)-bubble-sort subnetwork is fault-free in an (n,k)-bubble-sort network under the probabilistic fault condition is firstly given,and the simulation experiments demonstrate the accuracy of the given results.Then the calculation formula of the mean time to failure to maintain the fault-free status of different number of (n-m,k-m)-bubble-sort subnetworks is obtained,and the theoretical results are shown to be in accordance with the simulation results.

Key words: (n, Interconnection network, k)-bubble-sort network, Mean time to failure, Parallel computer system, Probabilistic failure, Subnetwork reliability

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  • TP393.02
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