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Military Domain Named Entity Recognition Based on Multi-label

SHAN Yi-dong, WANG Heng-jun, WANG Na   

  1. (The Third Institute,Information Engineering University,Zhengzhou 450001,China)
  • Online:2019-11-10 Published:2019-11-20

Abstract: In order to identify military named entities in military texts,this paper classified them into six categories according to the characteristics of military named entities.On this basis,in order to further solve the problem that the multi-nested and combined composite military named entities are difficult to identify,the traditional annotation method was improved,and a multi-label annotation method was proposed.First,the compound military named entity is divided into several words,so that it becomes a combination of multiple minimum phrases,and then each part of the phrase is segmented according to its position in the named entity.On the basis of segmentation,each word in each phrase is marked with a vocabulary based on its position in the phrase.Finally,the entire label is ultimately used as the labeling result for each word in the military named entity.The experimental results show that the annotation method can enhance the recognition effect of military named entities.

Key words: Composite military named entity, Military named entity, Multi-label

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