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Sequential Feature Based Sketch Recognition

YU Mei-yu, WU Hao, GUO Xiao-yan, JIA Qi GUO He   

  1. School of Software Technology,Dalian University of Technology,Dalian,Liaoning 116621,China
  • Online:2019-02-26 Published:2019-02-26

Abstract: Recognizing freehand sketches is a greatly challenging work.Most existing methods treat sketches as traditional texture images with fixed structural ordering and ignore the temporality of sketch.In this paper,a novel sketch recognition method was proposed based on the sequence of sketch.Strokes are divided into groups and their features are fed into recurrent neural network to make use of the temporality.The features from each temporality are combined to produce the final classification results.The proposed algorithm was tested on a benchmark,and the recognition rate is far above other methods.

Key words: Gate recurrent units(GRU), Joint bayes, Recurrent neural network, Sketch recognition, Temporality

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