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Research on Intelligent Detection Method of Steel Rail Abrasion

ZHANG Xiu-feng, WANG Juan, DING Qiang   

  1. College of Electromechanical Engineering,Dalian Nationalities University,Dalian,Liaoning 116600,China
  • Online:2019-02-26 Published:2019-02-26

Abstract: In order to meet the actual demand,a new detection method of steel rail abrasion based on line laser image processing was proposed after analyzing current methods and characteristics of steel rail abrasion detecting equipment at home and abroad.The bending degree of line laser image on the wear of rail was used to determine the width and depth of steel rail abrasion.The edge points and centre points could be found by using roof-type edge detection method,then straight lines can be fitted by using these points.The optimal features combination is selected by removing the redundant features with high correlation.Finally,the experiment results show that the method could extract features amount effectively,and obtain the width and depth of the steel rail abrasion accurately.The characteristics of algorithm inculde small amount,simple and high precision.It lays the foundation for the development of steel rail abrasion detection device.

Key words: Correlation coefficient, Edge detection, Image processing, Steel rail abrasion

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