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Summary of Computer-assisted Tongue Diagnosis Solutions for Key Problems

ZHANG Li-qian1, LI Meng-hang1, GAO Shan-shan1,2,3, ZHANG Cai-ming 2,4,5   

  1. 1 School of Computer Science and Technology,Shandong University of Finance and Economics,Jinan 250014,China
    2 Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Digital Media Technology,Jinan 250014,China
    3 Shandong China-U.S.Digital Media International Cooperation Research Center,Jinan 250014,China
    4 School of Software,Shandong University,Jinan 250101,China
    5 Shandong Province Future Intelligent Computing Collaborative Innovation Center,Yantai,Shandong 264025,China
  • Received:2020-08-31 Revised:2020-11-07 Online:2021-07-15 Published:2021-07-02
  • About author:ZHANG Li-qian,born in 1995,postgraduate,is a member of China Computer Federation.Her main research interests include image identification and so on.(
    GAO Shan-shan,born in 1980,Ph.D,professor,Ph.D supervisor,is a member of China Computer Federation. Her main research interests include Computer graphics,image processing,intelligent information processing and visua-lization.
  • Supported by:
    NSFC-Zhejiang Joint Fund of the Integration of Informatization and Industrialization(U1909210,U1609218),National Natural Science Foundation of China(61772309,61902217),Key Research and Development Project of Shandong Province(2017GGX10109,2019GGX101007),Shandong Provincial University Excellent Young Talents Joint Fund(ZR2018JL022) and Introduction and Education Plan of Young Creative Talents in Colleges and Universities of Shandong Province.

Abstract: Tongue diagnosis is one of the important contents of the four diagnostic methods of “looking,listening,asking and fee-ling the pulse”,and it is also a major feature of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) diagnosis.TCM physicians need to make clinical diagnosis through visual observation,which makes traditional tongue diagnosis have the disadvantages of strong subjective dependence and lack of quantification.With the development of Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT 120),researchers have focused on how to use computers to assist in the diagnosis of tongue images,realize intelligent tongue diagnosis,and then realize smart Chinese medicine.In recent years,the intelligent tongue diagnosis and its relevant research have become more and more popular.In order to assist researchers in this field to explore computer-aided tongue diagnosis in a more in-depth manner,this paper systematically and comprehensively reviewed them.Firstly,the specific process of computer-aided diagnosis of tongue image of traditional Chinese medicine is introduced.Secondly,based on the extensive study on the existing literature,the latest achievements and existing applications,this paper classifies and discusses different steps of computer-aided tongue diagnosis in mainstream methods,and summarizes the basic ideas,advantages and disadvantages of these methods.Then a relatively complete Computer-aided tongue diagnosis system is designed and implemented after enumerating some tongue image analysis systems that have been developed so far.Finally,this paper summarizes and prospects the possible development direction in the future.

Key words: Assisted tongue diagnosis, Feature extraction, Tongue analysis system, Tongue coating and body separation, Tongue segmentation

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  • TP391
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