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Special Issue: Advances on Multimedia Technology

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Survey of Multimedia Social Events Analysis

QIAN Sheng-sheng1, ZHANG Tian-zhu2, XU Chang-sheng1   

  1. 1 Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China
    2 School of Information Science and Technology,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230026,China
  • Received:2021-01-16 Revised:2021-02-01 Online:2021-03-15 Published:2021-03-05
  • About author:QIAN Sheng-sheng,born in 1991,Ph.D,associate professor.His main research interests include social media data mi-ning and multimedia analysis.
    XU Chang-sheng,born in 1969,Ph.D,professor.His main research interests include computer vision and multimedia analysis.
  • Supported by:
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (61802405, 61751211).

Abstract: With the rapid development of network technology,various Internet-based communication channels,such as self-media,Weibo,BBS,are becoming perfect platforms for people to easily generate and share rich social multimedia content online.Social event data have the characteristics of multi-platform,multi-modal,large-scale and high noise,which bring huge challenges for the analysis and research based on multimedia social events.Therefore,how to process social media data,study social event analysis methods,and design effective social event analysis models become key issues in social event analysis research.This paper presents a review of relevant research in multimedia social event analysis in recent years,focusing on multimedia social event representation methods and their applications in the fields of fake news detection,multimedia hot event detection,tracking and evolution analysis,as well as social media crisis event response.In addition,the datasets involved in different applications are introduced in detail.In the last section,this paper discusses possible future research topics in multimedia social event analysis.

Key words: Deep learning, Multimedia, Multimodal, Representation learning, Social event

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